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Make a referral


Inpatient referrals

Perspective Medicine maintains a 24-hour on-call service for all inpatient locations. All new referrals will be seen within 12 hours of referral. 


The following on-call mobile numbers can be used to make a referral at any site:

Referrals for review during an upcoming planned admission can also be made by using our secure online form.

Direct medical admissions

We offer a direct admission service from primary care or specialists' rooms for insured or DVA patients who do not require emergency department assessment. Suitable patients include those with unstable or undiagnosed medical problems who require:

  • expedited specialist assessment,

  • multiple investigations (including medical imaging, cardiology testing, endoscopy or interventional radiology),

  • intensive nursing (including wound management), or

  • multidisciplinary allied health assessment (including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy)  

Frequently-managed conditions include unstable cardiac failure, anaemia, uncontrolled pain, undiagnosed febrile illnesses, deteriorating chronic wounds, or intensive medication titration.

Referrals for direct admission can be made through our secure online form. Select "Direct private hospital admission" in the electronic referral form. A Perspective Medicine physician will contact your patient to arrange hospital admission within 48 hours of referral at one of our inpatient sites.


Outpatient referrals

Referrals for outpatient consultation or planned admissions are triaged daily by Perspective Medicine physicians. You will receive notification that a referral has been received and actioned within three business days of submission.


Referrals for outpatient appointments can be submitted via:​