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Inpatient referrals

We ensure that a physician is available to take referrals 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at each of our inpatient sites. All new referrals will be seen within 12 hours of referral. 

To contact the available acute internal medicine physician at an inpatient site, please use the following contacts:​​​

  • Melbourne Private Hospital: call (03) 8341 3400 and ask to speak to the on-call "PIMS physician"

  • Epworth Richmond: call (03) 9426 6666 and ask to be put through to Dr Ronan O'Donnabhain

  • Epworth Freemasons: call (03) 9483 3833 and ask to be put through to Dr Zeb (Euzebiusz) Jamrozik

  • Warringal Private Hospital: call (03) 9274 1300 and ask to speak to the on-call "Perspective physician"

Referrals for infectious diseases consultation can be directed to Dr George Heriot via the Epworth Richmond switchboard.

Perioperative rferals

Perioperative referrals

Our perioperative medicine physicians accept referrals for scheduled review on the day of admission to hospital and/or preoperative outpatient assessment.

To refer a patient for review on admission on a future date, please send either a referral letter or a signed operating list indicating the patient(s) to be seen using our secure online formby email to, or by fax to (03) 9115 5551. Please ensure that referral documents contain the patient's Medicare/DVA number and details of the relevant third party payer (e.g., private fund details, TAC claim number, or Workcover payer and claim number).

To refer a patient for preoperative outpatient assessment, please send a referral letter via our secure online formby email to, or by fax to 9115 5551. Patients will be requested to complete our online preoperative screening form ahead of their appointment.

Direct admissions

Direct medical admissions

Our physicians offer a direct admission service from primary care or specialists' rooms for insured or DVA patients who do not require emergency department assessment. Suitable patients include those with unstable or undiagnosed medical problems who require:

  • expedited specialist assessment,

  • multiple investigations (including medical imaging, cardiology testing, endoscopy or interventional radiology),

  • intensive nursing (including wound management), or

  • multidisciplinary allied health assessment (including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy)  

Frequently managed conditions include unstable cardiac failure, anaemia, uncontrolled pain, undiagnosed febrile illnesses, deteriorating chronic wounds, or intensive medication titration.

Referrals for direct admission can be made through our secure online form. Select "Direct private hospital admission" in the electronic referral form. A physician will contact your patient to arrange hospital admission within 48 hours of referral at one of our inpatient sites.


Outpatient referrals

Please see the relevant physician's page for details about how to refer a patient for outpatient review.

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